Murder Mystery Themes

Be a STAR, or be a Detective.
Characters are selected from the audience.
Everyone else becomes a Detective to solve the Mystery.
8 - 12 Characters are selected from the Audience for each show.
Costumes are encouraged, but not required.

Below are descriptions of our current productions.

A Deadly Incentive
You’re invited to Seamus O’Malley’s Pub and Grub for a KILLER treasure hunt.  It promises to be the adventure of a lifetime. The prize (assuming you survive, of course) is “A Pot of Gold”.

Demise of the Downhome Dealers
Major Country & Western stars Dixie Diver and the Downhome Dealers have returned to their hometown of Mossy Bottom, Texas for a special concert to announce the signing of a new contract with Good Ole Boys Records.  You’re invited to attend and witness their demise.  Uh, no, we mean their triumphant return to Mossy Bottom.

A Killer Life
Welcome to Bellows Falls’ annual holiday party hosted at Martini’s Place. This is a small-town community where everyone knows your name and everyone likes everyone else. For the most part. There are exceptions. Henry Putter being one of them. But surely he can’t wreak havoc at the town’s holiday celebration, can he?  Oh yes. Yes he can. Trouble is coming to this party so come if you dare.

Next of Kin
Big Daddy Sugarbaker has requested your presence at what may be the last family gathering before he passes on to the great beyond.  See, Big Daddy’s not well, not well at all.  He may be one of the richest men in the world but he’s not well, not well at all.  But that’s not important.  What’s really important is who’s got the Will and are you in it?

Mafia Murders
As a loyal member of the Godfather’s family, you are cordially ordered, uh, invited to The Library, Don Brundizzi’s by-invitation-only speakeasy for a party that’s sure to be the bee’s knees.  Be there or beware!

Hippie Wedding
You’re cordially invited to attend the New Year’s Eve midnight wedding of Jewel Hogget and Roger Windsor.  A midnight wedding? Odd yes but what a unique (and, as it turns out, deadly) way to ring in the New Year!

Murder on Maui
You’re invited to one of Harold A. Logan’s (in) famous luaus. It’s also a fund-raiser for HAAL, the Hawaiian Association of Authentic Leis, so bring your checkbook! Get ready to party on, but know this: Trouble is brewing for Mr. Logan.

Thirst for Blood
Devil’s Gulch is a quiet, unassuming little town. Or it was. Things have changed since the fire at the Bates Mansion a year ago.  Now this quaint little town appears to be cursed. Be warned and beware, attend this costume party only if you dare!

Dead Man's Chest
The Mystick Krewe of Cochon is having an end of Mardi Gras Ball hosted by Governor Fayette Warren & his wife, Raylene.  There are lots of surprises planned so you absolutely MUST attend!

Scripts by Haley Productions